Featured Artist: Sarah Carter

With the launch of our special edition Carter shirt, we’d love to introduce you to to the artist, Sarah Carter. Sarah is a talented artist who exhibits her artwork nationally. This stunning woman is not just an artist– she is a wife and mother. Her husband Steve, is a pastor at Willow Creek Church in Illinois, and their rambunctious four year old son, Emerson, is secretly a superhero who works tirelessly to keep the city safe from “billains.” This lovely family is now expecting a baby, and they’re also in the process of adopting from Ghana, West Africa.

We asked Sarah a few questions about her art and the new Remnant shirt design:

What inspires you?
>>> I am inspired by open-air markets, fashion, layers and mixing of colors and textures, wide-open spaces, vintage heirlooms and modern lines… I love quirky details, little things that make you look twice. I am also inspired by people who take risks and live confidently for a purpose or cause.  Anytime I can encounter and learn from someone who is an expert in their field, I am bound to be inspired.  I carry a pad and pen everywhere so I can capture inspiration when it comes and there are bits of paper all over our home with scratches of song lyrics, lines from movies, and color combinations that grab my attention.

What influenced your design for Remnant?
>>> My design for the Remnant shirt is inspired by our own adoption story.  We are currently in the process of adopting from Ghana in West Africa.  Our hearts are continually captured by the beauty and vibrant culture of the area. We also feel very connected to the reality of child trafficking issues and slave trade that occurs in country and have spent our resources and energy investing in great nonprofits who works to empower, educate, and create a better future for the children of Ghana.  My shirt reflects a mother longing for, praying for, and watching over her children.  For me, this is a daily posture as we wait for God to bring our own Ghana babe to us.

If your art had a voice, what would it say?
>>> I hope that if my art had a voice, it would shout “BE BRAVE!”  I try to create from a deep and honest place and appreciate the observations I’ve heard about the redemptive nature of my work. I’m always honored and surprised because I’m not sure I set out to make redemptive art – art that screams hope and healing and a promise that love is the ultimate victor – but I sure do believe those things to be true. I believe art already has something to say and its simply our job to show up at the canvas and participate with our creativity.

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To follow the Carter adoption story, visit www.cartersgroundswell.com.
Learn more about Sarah’s art at www.sarahcarterstudio.com.