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You are an individual. We all are. Each of us have within us unique gifts and talents—skills that nobody else obtains. However, individually, each of us is also incomplete. For this reason, we need each other. We were not intended to function independently; we were created to work together.

For example, think of a body. Each part is unique and necessary, and yet no part is sufficient in and of itself. A body isn’t made up of all hands, or eyes, or hearts. Rather, a body has precisely what it needs, and each part must work together.

We are one body. Me. You. Everyone. We are unique, and yet we need each other.

Here at Remnant, we are dedicated to this idea. Our aim is to develop a cultural exchange. In other words, we are committed to rallying, connecting, and resourcing people like YOU to make a sustainable difference in the world.

Remnant International, our US partner, currently has three internship openings:

Southern CA internship app– photography and graphic design

Southern CA internship app– events

Gulu internship application