Restore Leadership Academy

Last Saturday, the Restore Leadership Academy was celebrating their candidates who were graduating, and we were excited to be a part of this amazing event. Bob Goff, President Restore International, was in Gulu with a team, to not only celebrate the graduates, but also to make history in Uganda.

Bob, his son Richard, and a team from the US brought a huge balloon to send in to space– something that has never been done in Uganda! The balloon was attached to a GPS and a photo of the students so they could track where the balloon landed. Whoever found it could see the faces of the ones who sent it. How cool is that?! Remnant Uganda got to play a part in making history too by printing over 300 shirts for all the students that would commemorate the launch of the balloon and their spot in history.

Congratulations graduating candidates and Restore Academy for becoming the number one school in all of Northern Uganda.

Check our their website to find out how you can be involved with the amazing work of Restore International:

Get a preview of some of  a few pages from the Restore yearbook:

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