Update on financial training

Here at Remnant Uganda, we strongly believe in holistic development. We believe that educating our ladies about finances is very important now, as well as in their future endeavors. For the past few months, the Remnant Uganda ladies have been learning about poverty, debts, and budgeting. We are so excited to see them implementing what they’ve learned in their lives and are so proud of how focused they are in getting out of debt. For example, Mirriam will be debt free by November because of what she has learned through financial training!

We are so proud of Miriam; we interviewed her below to explain her journey to becoming debt free:

Q: How have you used what you have learned in financial training in your everyday life?

A: Financial training has sharpened my skills. I have learned how to budget better and how to use my money so I don’t enter into problems later.


Q: What are your goals for your finances?

A: I am planning to use my money wisely and go to the Congo to visit my family members; I couldn’t go this year but I am budgeting to go next year.


Q: What is your favorite part about the financial trainings?

A: The lesson on debt and greed.  If you don’t want to enter into more debt you avoid been greedy and avoid impulse buying.


Q:What are your hopes for the future?

A: From now on I will train myself– I will not do impulse buying, so what I have I can use wisely with myself, my family and so I can assist others. I won’t take loans and acquire interest. I want to be free. I have been delivered from greed!


Miriam says she feels very light because she had a debt of a few hundred thousand shillings, which would equate about one months salary for someone in Gulu. By next month she will be completely debt free! Through our financial training program she is being empowered to take control of her finances and now has hope for her future.