Visiting the Rec Project

We recently had the amazing opportunity to spend the day at The Recreation Project (TRP). We have printed several custom shirt orders for this organization and were so excited to experience what they are about.

The Recreation Project is unlike anything else in Gulu– it is the only place you can zip line, rock climb and do fun activities in the middle of a forest in Gulu; best of all, they challenge you to find the lesson in each of the activities, so you can apply it to your personal life.

The ladies were smiling and laughing the whole day as we did several team building activities. Many of us stepped out of our comfort zones as we put on harnesses and jumped into the air on the zip line, or jumped off a giant tree on what they call “the leap of faith.”

It was beautiful to see the ladies put their all into every activity presented to them, and even more beautiful to hear them connect these activities to their own lives. They spoke of difficult times and how important it was to work together and how you need to look at everyone’s strengths and weaknesses to get through tough situations.

Thank you for an amazing day, TRP! We are so thankful to work with such an awesome organization; we had a blast and learned so much while doing it!

Check out The Recreation Project for yourself: