Selfless Love // Coryn Kissling

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Meet // Coryn Kissling // Selfless mother of Daniel (4) and Nehemiah (2)

Coryn Kissling moved to Uganda with her husband to volunteer at the Loving Hearts Baby Home as missionaries. While in Uganda, God began preparing her heart for big things and soon began connecting her with this little baby, Daniel.  Daniel was born with severe eye issues and couldn’t see at the time…yet; he would always recognize Coryn’s voice when she would come into the Baby Home.  She soon started finding herself going from volunteering a couple of days a week to showing up every day simply to love on Daniel.  There was just this unexplained connection that Coryn shared with the young boy. The Lord began moving in both Coryn’s and her husband’s hearts to officially bring Daniel into their family.  It was just this natural progression and they loved that they were able to transition him into their home while living in Uganda and surrounded by his native culture.  Coryn and her husband had their second son, Nehemiah, while living in Uganda as well.

>>>Having Daniel there for the birth was amazing because he really felt the sense that he was Nemo’s big brother. They are both our sons in every way and shape of the word.  So many times people say that he is so lucky to have been adopted by us…when the truth is we are the lucky ones.  Parenting is not always easy for sure…but it is absolutely rewarding!


What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

>>>I’m a working mom so I love when I come home after a long day of work and I walk through the door.  My boys always come running up into my arms and greet me.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a mom?

>>>Getting to see my kid’s relationship with the Lord develop.


A glimpse into Coryn’s selfless love, from the perspective of 4-year-old Daniel.

Why do you love your mom?

>>>Because I got to go and live with her (he is adopted).

What is your favorite thing about your mom?

>>>Her laugh, smile, and that she protects me from animals.

Why do you think you mom is the most amazing mom?

>>>Because she teaches me to not be scared.