Selfless Love // Jessica Charlton



Meet // Jessica Charlton

As Mother’s Day approaches, we’d love to introduce you to one of Remnant’s featured mothers who consistently exhibits a selfless love; a love that is contagious, leaving you wanting to give it and wanting more of it at the same time. Meet Jessica, mother of 2-year old Logan and 19-weeks along expecting twin boys.

IMG_4749 A glimpse into Jessica’s selfless heart….

Jessica grew up in the church as a pastor’s daughter. Now married for seven years and having always wanted to have a family that is focused on loving other, Jessica has the privilege of being the mom to Logan and is 19-weeks along to two new baby boys. Beyond her love for her family, Jessica has inspired us with her heart for the marginalized. A few years back, she heard a man give his testimony in church. He shared how he had been HIV positive for 25 years, but never felt accepted by others or the church.  There was such a horrible stigma related to this disease that he was suffering from which lead to him feeling completely like an outcast.  Jessica’s world was rocked, as it was hard for her to believe that there could be someone in her church that felt completely ostracized, ashamed, and didn’t feel as if they had a safe place that they could talk about the things they were suffering from each and every day. Jessica was inspired to step out of the sidelines and into the game.  She quickly got involved with Saddleback Church’s HIV/AIDS Initiative.  This is a ministry that is dedicated to providing a support system for people infected with HIV/AIDS .  They accomplish this by opening up the door of communication and providing a safe place full of care and acceptance, meanwhile diminishing the stigma that is related to this disease.  While many organization’s are doing great work to combat this disease…this ministry calls for the church to come alongside of people infected with HIV/AIDS, as brother’s and sister’s, and then ultimately letting God do the work.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a mom?

>>>It is a gift and a honor to be entrusted with raising and shepherding someone that God has a plan for. Logan is God’s and it’s an honor to help teach him new things and watch him flourish. I want to instill in Logan how to view people from God’s perspective, to teach him to love others unconditionally and give of his time…by living life with them and holding someone’s hand through the difficult times>>>

What is your key to juggling everything? Or any advice for mom’s to be?

>>>Take things day by day, moment by moment.  Trust in the Lord along the way and rely on His Holy Spirit.  Be dependent on Him and give yourself lots of grace!>>>